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PS3 gets more online users than Xbox 360‏ who will control the internet?

20 October 2010 | Posted by: Charlie B | File Under: Technology, World | | 6 Comments

Playstation 3

Studies by Millennial Media have revealed that Sony’s premium console, PlayStation 3 ranks on the first 4 gadgets that log onto the internet.


The study showed that the 4 most common gadgets that log onto the internet include the iPod Touch, iPad, PlayStation 3 and PSP. The Sony game console was the only one of its kind that appeared on the list.

Game playing also ranked number one on the study’s list of 10 highly ranked mobile systems from July to September of this year, outranking social networking sites, music, news and sports.

Connecting the PlayStation to the internet costs absolutely nothing compared to Xbox 360 and other rival consoles.

Sony’s PSN seems to be getting more users with each passing day and had over 40 million members by the beginning of the year.


  • Michael said:

    Pretty much everyone that has a PS3 only has 1.. Those that have a 360 are probably on their 3-4++. Few failed 360s plus buying the new 360 slim in hopes it won’t fail like their previous 360′s have. So for all the 360 sales.. you have to divide by 4-5 to get the true number of 360 users. PS3 users have out numbered 360 users for quite some time.

  • Prd said:

    I find this very suspect… since the web browser experience on the PS/3, to put it lightly, sucks (I never use it for internet) And internet hits is not the same as online players… the XBOX for instance, doesn’t even do internet… so it would never show up in one of these “studies”.

  • wiiiii said:

    When Battlefield 1943 was released Xbox gamers were something like 2 to 1.I somehow doubt that the crippled PS3 network is getting nearly as much use.
    Free is great(Take the hint XBOX).

    The previous statement about Xbox users is fluff.MS screwed up then fixed it.My release consle is still going strong with a gamerscore of 20k.I’ve seen many more sales becuase someone wants a MW2,Halo reach,Simpsons(lol)console,then a slim,etc.
    Sony still has learned that hyping poor games isn’t the way to win.
    The Xbox and 360 got it right with rock solid titles.
    Sony tends to pump out garbage.

  • John Smith said:

    Well you have to pay for Xbox live therefore, there would be less accounts on the Xbox 360 than on the ps3, on which you are able to make numerous accounts. So, this has lead me to believe that obviously the ps3 would be more online active. Also a handful of Xbox 360 users do not have any way to connect to the internet (no WiFi adapter or cable.) Only the slim offers that or the purchase of a WiFi adapter. Where as in the ps3 the WiFi is built in.

  • Mr. Jones said:

    I think wiiii is delusional lol.

  • Jesse Barnes said:

    wiiiii–To you little fan boy if you were to look at all the reviews from sonys games its has a way higher average becouse they dont take everytning that comes there way for instence xbox and the burger king games theres tons of them, they beleive in quantity of quality where as sony has nothing but quality look at KillZone and Uncharted 2 both marked to have the best graphiccs on the market and Uncharted 2 creators said if it was to be played on xbox it would take 5disks and a break down of all the graphics and still it will burn it

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