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Pakistani Taliban attack two Mosques

28 May 2010 | Posted by: Alex M | File Under: World | | One Comment

Pakistan become the victim. Two mosques has attacked by gunmen during the Friday praying in Lahore, Punjab. Those two mosques are the Ahmedi community mosques. This community is the minor community  in Pakistan. They are muslim but have other principal that is different with the majority and Pakistan law. 42 people has killed in a mosques and a dozen of worshipers has killed in other mosque.

Mosque attacked

Pakistani Taliban claims that they take a responsibility to this attacks. Taliban is a famous radical Muslims group which has a consolidation with Al – Qaeda. Pakistan Taliban itself has announced that they against the Ahmedi community since 2 years ago. They think that the Ahmedi faith which believes that there are a prophet after Muhammad SAW is the wrong faith and it must be destroyed.

The Taliban aim to uphold the right Islam is right but most of their ways are wrong. Killing a lot of people doesn’t show the truly Islam spirit. It just show that Islam loves a violence and full of extremists who are ready to do everything for their wrong perception about upholding the religion of Allah.

The government of Pakistan and Middle East countries also take a responsibility because they fail to unite many communities that have differences faith. They also have to do their roles to defeat Taliban and Al-Qaeda and make the countries in Middle East becomes a peace countries even inside of it, there are a lot of differences.

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  • ahmadi muslim said:

    “Inna Lillahi, Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon – To God we belong, and to God we return.” This is the muslim prayer that one recites upon learning the news of a loss. This is a deep, tremendous loss for our community. Even the death of a single brother, even the passing of a single sister is intolerable. It is intolerable even when the blood of that loss does not fall on anyone’s hands. Imagine my pain this day, when you murderer’s have robbed scores of my precious brothers and sisters of life. Imagine my pain when you have done so in the name of my beautiful and pure religion, in the name of my beloved prophet Muhammad Mustafa, and in the name of the True Beloved – Allah, the All-seeing, All-Knowing God. Yet this is the pain that My God – Who is One and Who is the Source of Peace – this is the pain Allah has taught me to bear.

    O Allah, may those who were martyred today, while they gathered to praise and worship You Who is alone worthy of worship, may they be granted the highest station in paradise and may their loved ones be strengthened with patience and steadfastness. Amen.

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