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Miley Cyrus ‘hannah montana’ new video causes outrage even with her parents‏

12 October 2010 | Posted by: Charles YS | File Under: Entertainment, Gossip, Miley Cyrus | | 20 Comments

Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has left her mom and dad pissed off again after her newest video for her track Who Owns My Heart. The singer/actress was seen almost nude in many scenes as well as some steamy scenes with a guy.


Cyrus has attempted to generate a new bad girl image previously and won’t be bothered with the concerns her new video is raising. A group known as Parents Television Council has stated of its anger with the video due to its sexually explicit content even though many young girls adore the musician and would seemingly rush to get a hold of her new videos.


  • liz said:

    I got on line to check out her tour dates to possibly get my girls tickets but ran across this story. We won’t be seeing anymore of her. I guess she no longer caters to the young audience that made her famous.

  • Kensie said:

    People just need to leave Miley alone. Seriously. Grow up. The girl will be 18 years old next month – meaning, LEGAL ADULT. She isn’t the 13 year old little girl she used to be when she first started out on Hannah Montana. I think Miley is a beautiful, talented young lady who isn’t half as bad as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, etc. Those girls get praised for everything they do. Give her a break. The stage she is in life can be a tough one. Go Miley. You still have your fans like me who think you are great. Maybe you should try dressing as a nun in your next video?! Maybe people will leave you alone then.


  • Darbz said:

    I agree with Kenzie…… You let your kids listen to much worse….. Come on I mean Lady GaGa and her Meat Bikini……. I mean there is much worse I am sure.

  • Jess said:

    LIZsaid that she was checking for tour dates, yeah right even i know she is not touring at the moment, my daughters love Miley they are 16 and 19, i enjoy some of her songs to, the more contepery based, i think people should stop getting on the wagon and leave this girl alone, this is her job and she enjoys it.

  • Anonymous said:

    This is ridiculous! NO parent should allow a 17 year old girl to dress like such. I’m younger than Miley, about 2 and a half years younger and I would NEVER dress like that. Miley still has younger fans, but she obviously has left and forgotten about what made her a big name in Hollywood. She needs to use her brain. And her parents that’s what’s pissing me off more. They need to put they’re foot down and say NO! I don’t care if Miley make “The Big Bucks” or “Calls All The Shots”. She is your child and you need to take care of her and be the parent NOT her! I WAS a fan of Miley Cyrus but after seeing this music video which she claims to be sexy, more like slutty and skanky, and did she mention in her new movie LOL will be showing her age 17, KISSING 2 not 1 but TWO GIRLS! That’s SICK! For her age!! I’m done with this soon-to-be use-to-be.

  • Tiff said:

    I agree that it is the parents responsibility to decide what is appropriate for their children to see, listen to etc…If Liz thinks Miley is setting a bad example and doesn’t want her children exposed to Miley then she has that right to do so. Miley is getting older and is going to start catering to the mature audiences now. There is a difference between class and trash though and I see her heading down the exact same road as Brittany Spears seeing as how her last 2 videos have been very sexually oriented. This tends to happen though when children reach fame at such an early age. I guess we’ll see if she continues to get a little more risque’ and push buttons like Brittany did, or if she’ll decide to class up her act a little. Personally I look to see her shaving her head sometime in the near future lol

  • Ally said:

    i love miley cyrus but i do agree she needs to calm down just a liitle bit…and yea everybody got all hyped up wen a pic of her and her BFF wer sharing a piece of candy at a party!! SO WHAT?!?!? girls do tht! there is nothing wrong with tht and there is nothing wrong with any of her videos, she is just having fun and i think she is very creative! GO MILEY! love ya!

  • Megamileyfan1 said:

    First of all,well done to all the ppl who left possitive comments on here,about the wonderful,supertalented miley.l’m a huge fan of this amazing girl,& always will be,no matter what.l think we should just accept the fact that miley is growing up.l watched her video,it was brill.To me,miley is the most beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth.l wouldn’t change anything about miley,l love her,just the way she is.lf u r a true fan of miley’s you will accept her just the way she is.Ur wonderful miles.Peace & godbless:)XX
    Keith White(Megamileyfan1)uk.

  • . said:

    Now I’m 16 and I can tell you that I’ve never met ANYONE that acts like Miley. Miley has no talent and is a terrible role model. For those people saying that there are “worse influences out there” are completely insane because stars like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears AREN’T 17 year old Disney star! Miley’s going to be washed up in a year anyways.

  • MEME said:

    Where are her parents in during all of this!!! She doesn’t even care about the people that make her famous which are 10 year old girls. I heard miley can’t watch shows like modern family or true blood cuz her parents don’t want to expose her 10yr old sis to that stuff and yet thtey allow everything else

  • SelenaGfan1 said:

    All these comments saying “it’s okay”, “she’s almost 18″ who gives a crap. Parents, and teenagers both know that when we see REGULAR teenagers dressed like she does Parents say “hm, her parents must not care about her” or sumthn like that. and teenagers say “eww, she ho, or slut, or skanky” we automatically, judge these girls. but when MILEY does it she’s just growing up. Give me a break. when did it become that taking off ur clothes was growing up. She just looks more childish, there are other ways to grow up, maturely, than slutty.I personally don’t like when REGULAR girls do it, and I don’t like it when SHE does it. And the fact that she’s tryna get rid of the ppl who made her a house hold name, is just sad. I kno she’s not Selena, but in her new song ” A Year Without Rain “it’s a very mature song, and video, but she did it with class. Which shows you can be mature and be respectful toward urself and other ppl w/o being half naked. On the other hand I like her acting. The Last Song was beautiful tho’. and When I look at you is soooo pretty. thats the mature young respectable Miley that i like. On the joke side, she must get an awful lot of bikini waxes to keep herself looking clean. Since she always in some underwear. lolz(:

  • Jesse said:

    Alright seriously do not compare her to lady gaga. I love lady gaga, and I hate miley. There is a totally diffrence between them. Lady Gaga is a grown/legal WOMAN! MILEY IS A 17 YEAR OLD SLUT. Im 14 and honestly Ive been around older kids her age and they dont act anything like her. So stop defending her. And miley is trying way to hard to “look mature and grow up” SHes acting like a slut. I dont think thats really “Mature”. So all you fans defending her deep deep deep down under your love for her, you know she isn’t anything good, or a good role model. And she isnt “Supertalented”, she accualy lacks many talent. There are millions of other people out there who can sing and act much better than her. But its a one in a trillion chance of becoming a star, and she got it. But anyway stop saying she isnt half as bad as britney or lady gaga. #1 THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH LADY GAGA! SHE CAN ACCUALY DO WHAT EVER THE HELL SHE WANTS SO BACK THE FCK UP! SHES A GROWN WOMAN.

  • alissa said:

    mily use to be my role model until I found out about all this crap. She really let me down. I thought that she was a clean, appropriate singer. It breaks my heart to say this but…she needs to go…Or she needs to change and go back to her normal singing and dancing. I never thought she would do anything like this!

  • alissa said:

    also a bunch of people on her say that it’s ok that she does these things. I mean WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! my younger brother likes hanah and he’s only 6!!!! it would break his little heart if he found out about all this!!!!!!! Mily, like I saied before, I’m very disopointed in you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oh miley. said:

    straight forwardly.
    i like LISTENING to her music. they have a catchy beat. but so does the homeless man outside my apt building.
    but i hate her videos. To think that some girls are trying to get out of sex trafficking and here she is asking for it with her behavior in her music videos. seriously, she is getting gross. my big sister saw her in spain this summer and said that her entire butt was hanging out of her outfit on stage. she needs to remember that for the most part, she can’t sing and her fan base is mainly 14 and under girls. Those of you who like defending her, that’s great, because she is a “young adult” and is going to experiment, but, i’m 19 and i still don’t feel like an adult and like i’d make the wisest decisions about my next slutty music video. And all the more power to parents like Liz who decide that they don’t want their daughters to look up to a hooker-wanna-be.
    Feel free to argue, but if you try and say that miley’s music is amazing, then i can only say you’re tone deaf, and you need to be more cultured.

  • carly said:


  • anthony said:

    some of u insane people are screwed up in the head. miley is one awsome and talented singer/actress there is on the planet if she wants to do what shes doing then let her shes in control of her future not her parents. im happy that miley is doing this. if she loves what shes doing then let her dont stop her from doing it. in the video shes pretty, sexy and amazing. way to go miley keep up the good work

  • Brittany said:

    Ok there Miley is yes growning up and is no longer a 13 year old little girl. Though! The majority of her fans are younger then 13 years old. I would not have a problem with how her videos, if she had already detached herself from that young fans base and from Hannah Montana that made her. By being an adult comes reposoniblity. This being said she needs to be cautious on what she does as SO MANY YOUNG LITTLE GIRLS want to be just like her… That is where the issue is, as she is still moslty known for Hannah Montana then as Miley Cyrus….The people that post that it is totaly ok, more then likly dont have LITTLE GIRLS as if they did and were good parents they would not be happy with her actions!!!!!!!!!!!!! FACT!

  • myself said:

    People she is pretty but not the hottest thing in the world. There is really nothing that special about her looks just a typical pertty girl that is it. Nothing great!

  • V said:

    Y’all need to get over it. Mileys growing up, everyone does. She’s gorgeous and talented and is doing things her way. I worked with her on the set of LOL when she filmed in MI and she is one of the most down to earth and real people I’ve ever worked with. Hell, I’m 4 years older than her and even I walked away from that movie admiring her. She is so nice, outgoing, down to earth and confident that it just radiates to those around her. There’s never adull moment on set if she was there. Her parents (one if not both) were either on set or constantly checking in daily and thy were there for the music video too when she filmed in Rochester. It’s a piece of art, not how she is every day. For those of you calling her a whore…ESP the one defending Gaga…you don’t even know her. She’s definitely NOT whore material. She’s a normal 17 year old…her life just happens to be lived in front of you. Get over it. If she bothers you, don’t look/listen. If you think she’s too mature for your kids now, that’s your choice, take care of it. There’s no reason kids can’t still watch Hannah Montana, that’s still clean enough. If she bothers you, look away. Let the poor girl live her life.

    And to the person who said she was kissing girls in a movie…yes, it happens. But it’s just that, a MOVIE. That stuff happens on TV and in movies all the time. It’s not like she’s out doing it on the street or even in her personal life. It’s a role, it’s her job, get over it. If it bothers you, don’t watch it.

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