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Miley Cyrus ‘Hannah Montana’ argues with camera-woman‏

13 October 2010 | Posted by: A Nathan | File Under: Entertainment, Gossip, Miley Cyrus | | 4 Comments

Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus got pissed off with media men for trailing her and got involved in a heated exchange with a camerawoman on Tuesday, October 12. The camerawoman was filming the teen star while she was enjoying breakfast with her mom Tish and Sister Noah and she got so pissed off with her that she went straight to her and requested that she stop the filming.


Photos of the incident have been posted by WENN and Cyrus was seen angry while approaching the camerawoman to request the end of her filming.

The singer has been bashed by the Parent Television Council for her sexually explicit scenes in her latest video for Who Owns My Heart. A public statement released by the group indicated that they were disappointed with her for showing inappropriate content in her video even though she’s mostly adored by young girls around the world.


  • Kara said:

    Miley Cyrus is not old enough to be doing this! How can her parents let her videotape “Who owns My Heart”???? I’ll tell you, her parents don’t know what to say to her when she wants something. Now, she is the worst pop star ever out there. I say (even though I don’t like Justin Bieber either) that Justin Beiber is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than Miley Cyrus. She is trying to be like a little Beyonce. Though, when Beyonce videotaped “Single Ladies”, it was with class. Miley Cyrus is just trying to be to sexy for her age (aka 17!!!). Especially to kids 13 and 14, or young Hannah Montana fans, their parents will be SO dissapointed! First the pole dancing in 2008, now this?!?! What is she trying to do to herself?

  • alkdfj;alskfj said:

    Uhmm; show us the pictures. Prove it. If she really did do that you would be able to PROVE IT. I believe in miss Cyrus, and you people are a bunch of goons trying to get attention. Miley is fine, and she is done with her younger audience. (Hello, she’s almost 18!) For christs sake, she does that stuff in her videos because It’s on her contract with Hollywood Records! Yeeshh…

  • becka said:

    you people are retarded. i dont even like hanah montana but what i dont like more is parents like ya’ll. all she showed was some legs… ohh jeez, next you’ll catch her going for a swim and say is too young to do tht too!! CHILLAX DOO-NARDS. if she feels comfotable with tht u should be lucky she aint doin worse!! DX and the childerns parent wnt give a SHIZZ cuzz tthey dnt listen to her except way religous people which are ridiculous so, yay..

    BTW!! IM ONLY 13, SUK ON THT!!! :)

  • Nicolle Ramos said:

    you have to take account of the life of you, miley’re doing what she likes so nobody has to judge her, because nobody is perfect. then we get to talking to her please. miley the only doing what she likes, I’m sure she’s feeling so well. kisses take care of your lives! I’ll always be by your side.

    Miley in Brazil love you

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